What we're About
& What you Should Know

As teachers, our job is to help guide students in reaching their goals. Having them dance comfortably and confidently as soon as capably possible is our first goal. In this industry, accomplishing this means approaching it with the same principles a trainer does with clients in a gym. Certification & Registration with leading dance organizations is ideal for setting higher standards of teaching & business practices which is why we register with the NDCA and USISTD . Therefore the technique we apply has been tested for as long as those governing organizations have been around and are well suited to any level of dancer, from brand new to experienced. The Dance industry also welcomes Engineers, Scientists, Analysts and the like. Ballroom dancing is perfect for those with analytical brains to learn something artistic. Better quality movements paired with efficient use of energy lowers risk of injury, builds better muscle control & body awareness for the social or competitive dancer. This allows the student to accomplish his or her goals and expectations, while making the process enjoyable and enlightening.