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NDCA certified and registered Teachers; Our syllabus includes the DVIDA and USISTD syllabi along with any other NDCA & USA Dance, Inc. recognized patterns.

As teachers, our job is to help guide students in reaching their goals. Having them dance comfortably and confidently as soon as capably possible is our goal. In this industry, accomplishing this means approaching it with much the same professionalism a trainer does with clients in a gym. Certification & Registration with one of the top recognized dance organizations is ideal for setting higher standards of teaching & better business practice for prospective clients in this industry. The technique applied is well suited to any level of dancer, brand new to experienced athlete. Better quality movements that lower risk of injury and build better muscle control & awareness are key to building a strong foundation for dance, socially or competitively. This allows the student to accomplish his or her goals and expectations, while making the process enjoyable and enlightening.

Private Lessons

Private instruction is scheduled by appointment in 45 minute sessions. These sessions are used to focus on the individual or couple. Dance(s) of interest not offered through Group classes, basic & advanced technique, knowledge of patterns and musicality will generally be the foundation of Private Lessons. These are also recommended before moving on to intermediate group classes. Depending on goals and sessions taken per week, learning the basics for 2-4 dances in a few months is not uncommon.

Group Classes

Group classes introduce students to new dances and patterns or allow them to brush up on dances with repetition via a group class dance partner(s). This is a great way to also practice and learn how to dance with others in a controlled environment. Most group classes are 4 week series classes (1 hour session per week) that start at the beginning of the month. So it is recommended to start the class the first day of that series. Walk-ins are welcome but there is a minimum amount of sign ups required for a group class to begin, so please call or email to sign up.

Wedding Couples

Want a memorable dance for your wedding? Come in for a Free 45 min. wedding consultation/lesson. If you have a song picked out already, you're already ahead of the ballgame. After briefly discussing your ideas for a wedding dance, your free session will start both of you off with some basics to begin your journey towards the big day! It will be the least stressful, if not most enjoyable, part of your wedding planning.

We have 12+ years of experience working with wedding couples, preparing them for anything from something short & simple, to specially choreographed and anything in between.

Book now, the sooner the better, trust us!

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