Corbin McCan –

Ballroom Dance Instructor

        I was accustomed to dancing at a very young age mimicking dance choreography by watching artists and celebrities in music videos and movies. At the age of 21 I moved to Colorado where I began formal training as an instructor and studied for certifications with a dance studio that helped start my career. Within a few years I debuted in Pro/Am competitions and began making strides in the ballroom dance community.

        My training and proficiencies include all 4 of the major ballroom dance styles; International Ballroom and Latin, American Smooth and Rhythm. Aside from getting coaching and knowledge in Ballroom, other dances taught include (but not limited to) Hustle, W.C. swing, Salsa,  Country 2-step and choreography for wedding couples. I am registered with the NDCA (National Dance Council of America) as a professional and recognized by the USA Dance Rocky Mountain Chapter as an independent Instructor. Just as would most professionals, I further my career with continued training and practice with my dance partner, coaching from top professionals in the industry, and staying up to date with other Instructors in the Colorado dance community.

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