Corbin McCan –

Ballroom Dance Instructor

        Corbin started off being comfortable with dancing at a very young age, mimicking dance choreography by watching artists and celebrities in music videos and movies at an early age. Although, It wasn't until he turned 21 where he began formal training in ballroom style dancing in a prestigious Denver studio. There he became an Instructor, studied for his certifications and discovered the competitive side of Ballroom dancing. Within a few years he debuted in his first Pro/Am competition with students and several years after that made his first debut with his professional partner Maya.

       His training and proficiencies include all 4 of the ballroom dance styles; International Standard and Latin, American Smooth and Rhythm. Aside from getting coaching and experience in professional Ballroom, other dances that he has enjoyed competing in and teaching are (but not limited to) Hustle, W.C. swing, Salsa, Country 2-step, Polka and other partner night club dances.

    Corbin is a registered Instructor/competitor with the NDCA (National Dance Council of America) as a professional and recognized by the USA Dance Rocky Mountain Chapter as an independent Instructor. He is a continuing education advocate in his field, staying up to date with current standards for the Ballroom industry through learning materials, practice and continued training with coaches from around the world.


Maya Buirgy – USISTD certified

Ballroom Dance Instructor

USISTD Certified Instructor

    Molly Buirgy (Maya as she's known by most) started dancing from a very early age. She discovered the style of ballroom dancing in High School, and has had a passion for it ever since. Maya was teaching ballroom classes when she was 17, and went on to work and train at one of the most prestigious studio's in Colorado. There she coached and competed professionally with students for 4 years in over 20 different dance styles.

​    With over 12 years of professional experience, Maya now offers ballroom instruction in all of Northern Colorado. She teaches over 20 different partner dances; including American and International Ballroom and Latin, as well as Social, Swing, Country and Salsa dancing.

​    Her goal is to bring the fun, healthy, and useful art of partner dancing back into Northern Colorado!